The Head's Welcoming Message

It is a great honour for me to be the Founding Head of ISA Wuhan International School. We are committed to preparing our students fully to face the ever-growing challenges in the world in the twenty-first century and beyond.

To this end, we are committed to Positive Well-Being and Balanced Education. We ensure that our students feel safe and happy to learn in a caring and compassionate environment where they try their best in all learning and playful activities, maintaining a stimulating and vibrant lifestyle. Each student is treated as an individual with their own aptitudes. We enable students to feel they can inquire about the world without fear of making mistakes to become knowledgeable and open-minded thinkers and doers. Our students are confident to take calculated risks so they may learn through practice as much as theory about the world and how it works. By adopting the IB curricula, we enable students to learn about the world in a trans-disciplinary fashion. Links are always made across different subjects through diverse means such as thematic approaches to learning, projects culminating in student-led exhibitions, three-way conferences and so on. We do this by recruiting highly qualified and experienced educators to provide a caring and compassionate environment, in which students can develop their full potential.

At ISA Wuhan, we have a collaborative culture and a well-rounded lifestyle. All our students feel equally valued and able to co-exist harmoniously taking advantage of the diverse opportunities for effective collaboration. Students gain a rewarding experience through appreciation of Chinese and international cultures. Students will at least be bilingual, if not multi-lingual and engage actively in connecting with other cultures of this world. Students and teachers are self-starters and lifelong learners, always committed to self-improvement in all aspects of education such as learning and teaching, curriculum evolution, school self-evaluation and accreditation etc. Through our world-class, state-of-the-art facilities including an Olympic-sized swimming pool and two athletics tracks, the campus also enjoys a multi-purpose sport building, outdoor pitches, tennis courts, a dedicated Performing and Visual Arts Centre with a 1000-seater Auditorium and Lecture Theatres. ISA Wuhan prides itself in creating world-class accommodation facilities that are used to full effect to ensure every boarder receives a meaningful holistic education. Students’ boarding facilities are finished off to the highest standards. All of this enables ISA Wuhan students to collaborate effectively with peers, pupils from their sister-schools and other members of the community in a wide range of activities in the Arts, Sport, Sciences, Languages both in CCAs and ECAs, in school competitions, trips etc. Students will lead happy, healthy and balanced lifestyles knowing when to push themselves to the limits but also adopting self-control to ensure they lead fulfilling lives.

Consequently, ISA Wuhan International School is at the heart of the community. Students demonstrate they are principled, caring, reflective and responsible members of the community through service. Students creatively solve problems within the community and beyond to find innovative solutions to enhance the quality of life for all. They practice their creative and innovative skills through a variety of projects aimed at serving the community for its and their own good.

With the Very Best of Wishes,

James Morris
Head of ISA Wuhan International School