ISA Wuhan Early Years Educational Philosophy

At ISA Wuhan we aim to develop a love for learning among our Early Years students. We accomplish this by facilitating learning in a natural way, in which our young students can do inquiry in a playful and hands-on manner. Consequently, our students love coming to school and learning has become an exciting journey for them. We believe that as Early Years educators developing a love for learning among our students is one of the most important things we can accomplish.

Our students learn how to approach problems by learning the conceptual tools needed to investigate issues from multiple angles. These conceptual tools make our students highly adaptable to any situation, which is a crucial skill for students to be able to face the difficulties the future may hold for them. After students inquired into an issue, they will have time to reflect and then take ownership of what they learned by presenting their findings to their learning community. This develops our students into independent confident learners.

Our educational philosophy is holistic in nature. We appreciate the fact that Early Years learners rapidly develop themselves in every possible way. Therefore, we facilitate learning in all directions, through the PYP transdisciplinary framework, to ensure no opportunity for development is missed.