Secondary School

In Grades 6 to 10, all students will undertake a rigorous programme of study across the eight subject areas of the MYP Framework. In Grades 11 and 12, our students will undertake a globally well-recognised pre-university programme, the IB’s Diploma Programme. It is recognised internationally for its rigour, the breadth and depth of its requirements, as well as the level of critical and creative thinking and learning required by each successful student.

ISA Wuhan International School adopts the IB curriculum framework. However, our planned and delivered curricula are gathered from best practices around the world to reinforce that we are truly an international school.

The curriculum content at ISA Wuhan International School’s Secondary has been developed taking the best from both East and West in language learning, Mathematics, the Sciences including Sport, Art and Design, and articulating it into the MYP framework for learning and teaching.