ISA Wuhan International School

Every Child is Unique

ISA Wuhan International School is the only K12 school in central China that offers all three IB programmes.

High School
Middle School
IB MYP Framework
Singapore Math & Science Standard
Cambridge Pathway
Primary School
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UK EYFS Curriculum Standards
Early Years
IB PYP Framework
UK EYFS Curriculum Standards

Colourful Learning Community —— Logistic Support

Boarding Community

Unlike traditional boarding schools in China, the school employs an international team of professional boarding staff, all of whom receive ongoing professional training, are accredited, and authorised by the British Boarding Schools Association and meet the standards.


Bus Service

The school bus service centre provides an efficient school bus service for students. The whole route takes less than an hour. In this way, students can enjoy a safe and convenient commute to and from school helping parents feel more at ease regarding transport needs.


Security System

Advanced intelligent campus system ensures full service.Professional team provides 24-hour top-notch security service.Surveillance system covers the campus.


Health Clinic

The ISA Wuhan Health Clinic is devoted to providing medical support that meets international medical standards to ensure the health of students and the faculties at the school.



The beginning of the rite of passage begins with the diet. ISA Wuhan believes that the cultivation of a school's culture starts from the details, and the establishment of a healthy, balanced and nutritious food culture is one of the most important parts.


School Uniform

Using washable materials and non-ironing technology, ISA Wuhan School has designed comfortable and attractive school uniforms for each student. The uniforms provided are suitable for each season, with formal wear, sportswear, swimwear and other items such as ties and shoes to complete the look of the high standards we have here at ISA Wuhan School.


Sports Field


Golf Course

Golf is an international sport with a long history and has been described as a "sport of style and elegance". Golf is a sport with a special charm, allowing children to exercise their bodies, exchange skills, cultivate their senses and cultivate their temperament in a beautiful natural environment.


1000-seat Auditorium

ISA Wuhan School 1000-seat Auditorium is equipped with state of the art advanced lighting, audio equipment and a professional performance stage, which can serve for various large-scale activities such as musicals, plays, speeches, English and Chinese dramas, and hold high-standard competitions


Sports Hall

ISA Wuhan School Sports Hall is designed according to professional competition standards, equipped with professional sports floors, automatic venue separation curtains, mobile audience seats and other facilities. It has advanced air conditioning and fresh air systems, the indirect lighting is used to enhance the comfort of sports, which can be used to hold high-standard competitions.


Science Labs

ISA Wuhan School Science Labs have an independent power supply and transformer system, the teacher can do the one-key switch. It has a water supply system, a drainage system and a water purification system to ensure that the discharged water is non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free. An air filtration system and an intelligently control ventilation system can automatically turn on according to the indoor air quality to ensure indoor safety.



ISA Wuhan School Library has a partially hollow design on the second floor, in which more than 50,000 books can be efficiently circulated, providing students with advanced technology support to maximize digital learning.


Black Box

ISA Wuhan School Black Box can accommodate 200 people. The school will offer LAMDA poetry and speaking classes. As the main venue for course teaching, group rehearsal and small-scale performances, the theater is equipped with stage-specific lighting, audio and intelligent control systems to give the audience an immersive experience.


Arts Space

ISA Wuhan Art Space contains a national school, Chinese pottery, woodwind, percussion room, drama room (black box theatre and other facilities) dance room, and pipe room, orchestra room,


Campus News

Come and join our ISA Wuhan Summer Swimming Course

This summer, members of the ISA Community, are warmly welcomed to learn in the ISA Wuhan Olympic competition standard swimming pool.

Cognia® accreditation received

ISA Wuhan International School and ISA Wenhua Wuhan High School were awarded Cognia® accreditation.

School Year 2023-2024 Prize Ceremony

ISA Wuhan International School held its Prize Ceremony at the School Auditorium. Together, we announced the results of this academic year's outstanding students and the prizes they won.

2024 ISA Wuhan Graduation Ceremony Review

ISA Wuhan School gathering 72 prospective graduates from the kindergarten, primary school and secondary school to witness and commemorate a new batch of ISA students crossing a new milestone!

Interview with the Head of ISA Wuhan International School

Behind the numerous awards are the accumulated efforts of Mahesh Selvaraj, Head of ISA Wuhan International Schools, and his leadership team, who have been working hard and insisting on the practice of professional IB holistic education.

ISAWHIS International Competition Awards Summary

ISA Wuhan International School has won 71 medals in recent international competitions, covering a wide range of subjects such as Math, Physics, Biology, English, Writing and Debate, and has shone on the world's academic stage!